What is Transvaginal Mesh Failure?

Transvaginal mesh surgery involves the implantation of a synthetic material into the vaginal wall for added support meant to prevent pelvic organ prolapse. POP surgery is very difficult, which is why transvaginal mesh surgery was implemented. However, thousands of reports have come to light that show transvaginal mesh surgery is too risky for the proposed benefits.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse
This condition, also called POP, occurs when organs slip out of place in the lower abdomen. This is caused by a weakening of the muscles, causing the organs to protrude into the vagina. Hysterectomies, childbirth and menopause cause POP as a result of weakening vaginal walls.

Surgical Mesh
Surgical mesh is a synthetic material implanted into the vaginal walls to provide support for organs protruding into this area. There are meshes made of biological materials, as well, and both are used for the treatment of POP and hernia repair. Complications from the implantation of surgical mesh can include organ perforation, bleeding, recurring UTIs, urinary problems, neuromuscular issues, chronic pain and infection.

Treating complications of transvaginal mesh failure is different for each patient. Generally, if failure occurs, hospitalization, medical treatment and additional surgeries are often required. None of these treatments however involve a guarantee of a full recovery. All brands of meshes fail in similar ways and, meant to support the vaginal walls permanently, result in complications that are not easy to correct.

Your Rights
Transvaginal mesh surgery is a serious medical operation with potentially very harmful complications. You have the right to defend yourself against large medical device manufacturing companies like American Medical Systems, Boston Scientific, CR Bard and Johnson & Johnson. In fact, more than 600 injured patients already have.

If you or a loved one has suffered transvaginal mesh failure, it’s important to contact a product liability lawyer quickly to cover your damages related to this serious medical condition. Pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills — you deserve help and do not need to simply accept the situation.