What Risks are Associated with Chemical Exposures?

The best data we have is from 2009 when 1.5 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer, 562,000 died from cancer, and nearly 80,000 different chemical compounds on the market in the U.S. With such large numbers of chemicals and illnesses, it is easy to imagine why specific answers simply do not exist as to which or how many cancers were caused by exposures to which chemical compounds. However, the devastating effects of cancer cannot be fought by ignoring the data.

Today it is known not just what chemicals are associated with what diseases, but also how certain chemicals cause disease. As a general rule, more common diseases can often times be more difficult to associate with a specific chemical or exposure because of the general nature of the etiology. For this reason, rare diseases are much more likely to attributed to a specific chemical or exposure because they stand out in a medical and scientific setting.

How Can Chemical Exposures Harm You?

Because all people are unique, we are all predisposed or resistant to chemicals in a unique way. However, the basic biological responses of inflammation and genetic mutation will depend on the manner of exposure and the genetic makeup of the exposed person. Regardless of whether a person appears healthy or unhealthy, it is impossible to tell how an individual will react to a chemical over a period of time. However, it is possible to discover what effects of certain chemicals are known and what diseases are related to a type of exposure. The rarer the disease, the more specific its etiology—i.e., the more likely it may be to determine its cause.

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How Can We Help?

Attorneys at the Madeksho Law Firm, PLLC will shoulder the burden of taking on the pharmaceutical industry on behalf of our clients just like it has taken on corporate wrongdoers for over 40 years. A rare disease may have a specific cause and our lawyers and expert consultants may be able to determine what that cause is. Call us today and we will explain the law, your rights and how we can help. If you choose the Madeksho Law Firm, PLLC for legal counsel, we will do our duty to keep you informed and protected in a professional, compassionate manner.