Larry Madeksho
Larry Madeksho


Our founder, Larry Madeksho, understood the hardships and realities of the people he represented. He was a former asbestos worker himself, working in the insulation trade during the 1960s at chemical plants and refineries in the Gulf Coast region.

After graduating from the University of Texas and then the University of Houston Law School in the early 1970s, Larry undertook to represent his friends who were falling sick with asbestos-related and other industrial diseases. He took on some of the biggest companies in the U.S.—and won.

Few lawyers in the country, if any, specialized in asbestos litigation as long as Larry did. He handled cases on behalf of asbestos-related mesothelioma and lung cancer victims for over 40 years. He was Settlement Counsel in settlements with Travelers Insurance Company that totaled over half a billion dollars.

Because he represented his friends regarding work conditions familiar to him, Larry took his work very personally. Today his children, Angela and Chris, continue his fight.