Chris Madeksho
Chris Madeksho

Managing Partner,
Los Angeles Office

Madeksho Law Firm, PLLC 617 South Olive Street, Suite 1000 Los Angeles, California 90014
1 (213) 386-1055

Chris is the son of the firm’s founder, Larry Madeksho. He is a graduate of the University of Texas and American University Law School, where he focused on international human rights law.

Chris is licensed to practice law in California and Texas. He manages the firm’s California office in Los Angeles. As an attorney, Chris has represented mesothelioma and toxic injury clients in courtrooms from New York to California, and from the Midwest down to Texas. He speaks fluent Spanish and French and has worked for human rights organizations Casa Alianza and CEJIL in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Chris specializes in representing victims of exposures to asbestos and toxic chemicals as well drug-related injuries and general catastrophic injuries. Chris is the current co-chairman of the benzene litigation group with The American Association for Justice.

When he is not representing clients, Chris regularly speaks at various conferences nationwide concerning asbestos, benzene and chemical-related diseases.