Monsanto…Given a Free Pass?!?

Protesters rallied in the streets against the Monsanto corporati

Monsanto is one of the largest pharmaceutical and agricultural companies that manufactures a variety of genetically modified foods, drugs and pesticides. It is a multibillion dollar company that has been around since 1901 and makes its billions in pure profit from selling toxic chemicals and pesticides. In 1977, Monsanto sold its chemical business and got heavily engaged in biotechnology and genetically modifying corn and soybeans.

Facing a surge in lawsuits across the United States, chemical giant Monsanto may be given a free pass from the government, which could let the corporation off the hook for its role in decades of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) pollution, effectively saving the company millions of dollars in settlements.


PCBs had a wide variety of industrial uses as a fire retardant, including in production of paints, pesticides and paper. But the chemicals were also linked to environmental concerns and severe health problems and were banned in the 1970s.

Monsanto produced nearly all PCBs over the course of more than four decades, and recent litigation over the chemicals has skyrocketed — from individuals dealing with health complications to municipalities with PCB-laden buildings.

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