Immune Augmentative Therapy: A Safe, Non-Toxic Treatment For Cancer

Immune Augmentative Therapy or IAT aims to strengthen the immune system. The immune system, in the belief of IAT, is the most powerful defense against cancer including mesothelioma. This goal is achieved without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

Does It Work?
IAT treatment includes injections of a protein mixture daily. Blood from healthy donors, individualized for the patient’s immune system, makes up this mixture; however, it takes eight weeks to correctly formulate. There are cases of immune augmentative therapy which have worked. The general medical establishment, including the American Cancer Society discussed below, does not believe immune augmentative therapy works. The reason for this result is lack of data supporting the effectiveness of IAT.

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society notes that there is no evidence available that supports the effectiveness of immune augmentative therapy, but that its proponents claim IAT is effective, non-toxic and safe.

Location of Treatment
The Immune Augment Therapy Clinic most well-known is located in the Bahamas, although there are locations in Germany and Mexico as well. The location in the Bahamas has faced threats of closure, but only closed once in 1985 for seven months. The FDA has banned the importation of any IAT serum from the clinic.

Changing Perceptions
Some oncologists are now supporting IAT because they have seen the method work for their patients first-hand. Many cancer centers now even offer their own versions of IAT to patients. However, this new method upsets drug companies which have heavily invested in traditional cancer treatment.

Immune Augmentative Therapy has mixed results, but those who do get results impress their physicians who promote traditional remedies. The IAT Clinic has helped many mesothelioma patients live five years after their diagnoses, and has even helped some live longer than 15 years.