Our History

The Madeksho Law Firm began out of one man’s desire to help his hard-working friends seek justice against the companies that hurt them and their families.

Our founder and father, Larry Madeksho, studied at the University of Texas and then the University of Houston Law School. To put himself through school, Larry, like many friends he grew up with, worked in the insulation trade during the 1960s at chemical plants and refineries in the Gulf Coast region.

After he graduated from law school, he began representing his friends who were falling sick with asbestos-related diseases. He sought justice for his clients and took on some of the biggest companies in the U.S.—and won.

Few lawyers in the country, if any, specialized in asbestos litigation as long as Larry did. He handled cases on behalf of asbestos-related mesothelioma and lung cancer victims for over 44 years. He was a leader in recognizing wrongdoing by prominent insurers and initiating class-action lawsuits against them. He was known amongst his colleagues as “Mad Dog” for his tenacity.

“How many funerals of these victims have these insurers ever been to?” he told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2003. “How many wives have they had to comfort?”

Among his many victories, Larry was Settlement Counsel in settlements with Travelers Insurance Company that totaled over half a billion dollars.

The people he represented are the same people he raised his children around. Growing up with the families of asbestos workers, Angela and Chris Madeksho built lasting friendships and gained a deep understanding of the hardships and realities that these workers and their loved ones face. Angela and Chris share their father’s passion for helping asbestos workers, and they took up his fight. Today, they’re managing partners in the firm that Larry founded. Out of offices in Houston and Los Angeles, the Madekshos and their teams continue to earn settlements for victims of asbestos, drug injuries, toxic exposures and defective products.