What Is Actos?

Actos is the trade name under which Takeda Pharmaceutical sells Pioglitazone. Actos is a Type 2 diabetes drug that is designed to control blood sugar levels. It is ingested orally at once daily in a 15 mg or 30 mg dose and should not be taken longer than one year.

How Can Actos Harm You?

Is linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer and congestive heart failure. In 2010 a French study revealed people who take Actos for treating type 2 diabetes were at an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Shortly thereafter, the French government suspended sales of Actos, stating the “risk-benefits ratio was now unfavorable.” The increased risk for bladder cancer has been confirmed by subsequent studies, yet the U.S. FDA has not yet banned Actos.

How Can We Help?

The Madeksho Law Firm, PLLC will shoulder the burden of taking on the pharmaceutical industry on behalf of our clients just like it has taken on corporate wrongdoers for over 40 years. If you are prescribed a drug, it should be made safe by adequate warning, adequate research or adequate design. If a drug carries risks, the drug manufacturer should be honest about what those risks are. Call our attorneys today for a free legal consultation and we will explain your rights and how we can help. Attorneys at the Madeksho Law Firm, PLLC will do our duty to keep you informed and protected in a professional, compassionate manner.​