Dr. David Egilman Gives Talk on McGill’s Involvement in Corrupted Asbestos Literature AT McGill

Well, today Dr. David Egilman–a renowned scientist and anti-asbestos crusader in the mold of Dr. Irving Selikoff–gave a presentation at McGill University on the role that McGill University has played in corrupting the scientific literature relating to asbestos and occupational disease. And he did AT THE UNIVERSITY. Epic.

He painstakingly spoke of the role of the University in the world vs. the role of Corporations (especially asbestos corporations) and how Corporations can corrupt the University’s purpose by insisting on controlling data whereas the University publishes based on the data.

In this context, McGill had published scientific literature concluding in general terms that chrysotile–especially Canadian chrysotile–was not hazardous in the way industry mined it in Quebec and sold it across the world. Dr. Egilman then demonstrates that not only were the applicable “safety standards” not safe and had been arbitrarily adopted to protect corporations from lawsuits, but that the publishing researchers did not have access to the scientific data on which they base their scientific conclusions.

In the eyes of this lawyer, Dr. Egilman’s presentation was particularly courageous because he presented directly in front of McGill University, where the shoddy research was published.

The entire presentation was broadcast here and McGill has stated that it will be recorded and placed on their website for viewing in the near future. I suggest taking a look if you are so inclined.