What Is Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer?

Industry recognized as early as the 1930s that asbestos caused lung cancer. The medical community recognized in the 1950s that asbestos caused lung cancer although the asbestos industry actively attempted to create confusion on this point.

Today, it is universally recognized that all forms of asbestos induce all forms of lung cancer—regardless of histologic type. It is further recognized that asbestos exposure and smoking creates a synergistic increase in the risk of developing lung cancer. Every human being is unique and therefore has a unique predisposition for developing lung cancer given a particular dose of exposure.

With 1.38 million deaths annually from lung cancer, there is little controversy as to why it is the most common cancer. Oxygen passes through the lungs each time we take a breath on their way to the bloodstream and lymphatic system where they can be distributed throughout the body. Particles, pollutants and vapors likewise pass to the lungs and are either destroyed, excreted, pass through to the blood stream or biopersist and eventually initiate tumor development.