We ADORE Houston animals.

Houston is a wonderful city in so many ways. But the way it deals with homeless animals isn’t one of them. Roaming, homeless dogs — and dogs dumped by their owners — are an all-too-common sight.

Angela Madeksho, the managing partner of our Houston office, knew she had to take action. That’s why she founded ADORE (All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise) Houston.

ADORE, a 501(c)(3), works to get stray and abandoned dogs off the streets and out of shelters — and to help dogs who do have homes stay in those homes by aiding and educating their owners. The organization provides rescue services, vet care, foster care and adoptive placement. ADORE also helps dogs is by helping their humans. When dog owners are in need, ADORE lends a hand so that they can keep their beloved pets and get back on their feet.

The Madeksho Law Firm proudly provides financial backing that helps ADORE protect Houston’s animals.

You can help, too. Visit ADORE’s website to learn about:


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